Cheri Temple

By day Cheri is an elementary school teacher that has always enjoyed working with kids, youth and just being a helper.
Cheri has been in the fitness world for about 7 years.  It began as an outlet that soon turned into a passion.  She began working out a small fitness studio that helped her grow and learn which then encouraged her to take her new passion to another level and help others.
She started teaching small fitness classes first to some soccer mom friends.  That is where a vision of helping people that normally wouldn’t set foot in a big box gym or large fitness facility came to be, as she originally was one of those people.
Cheri’s husband, Matt, and her had gone through a whole life change and reset with health and wellness and this is where their drive to help others came to be.  They wanted to start a small studio that would support a small community of like-minded people striving for a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally and that is where their studio RiseAbove Fitness came to life. Their studio first opened in Bolton in an indoor soccer facility and when they outgrew this studio they made the decision to move into their now current location almost 5 years ago, which is where they are today.
Fitness and wellbeing continues to be a passion of Cheri’s and when asked to join the Parlour Project to continue to share her passion, it took no second thought at all to want to be part of such a positive, connecting and helping community.
Certifications:  Fitness Instructors Specialist through CanFitPro, Fitness Kickboxing level 1, Tabata Bootcamp Certified Instructor, Sergeant Kens Bootcamp level 1, HIIT with Metafit training, Bosu Dynamic and several other courses/CEC’s each year to keep up to date and current. Cheri is a lifelong learner that is always looking to grow, help and connect with people.