Lee-Anne Simpson

Lee-Anne Simpson is an ACE certified personal trainer and life coach, author, entrepreneur and public speaker with over 30 years of experience in fitness & wellness industry. Her work has been featured in the Toronto Globe and Mail, Can-Fit Pro publications, and Fitness Business Matters magazine. Her passion to inspire people to transform their health led to the creation of a successful business, Revive Fitness in 2000. As a key-note speaker, her unique wellness culture approach has allowed her to work with children to seniors to create a healthy lifestyle. Creator and Author of the 6-week program, The Answer, Lee-Anne offers tremendous insight into the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle and fitness and finds opportunities to bring people together in fun ways that are enjoyable and fulfilling. Her current focus is creating an on-line wellness universe using today’s technology to tackle the emerging trend of people working from home. By connecting people, through technology, participants can fulfill their innate need for social connection, alongside simple ways to stay fit, healthy and strong.