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About Us



Our vision is to inspire people to gather and collaborate in each of our communities to bring well-being and happiness to all.


The Parlour Project is a non-profit movement supported by volunteers dedicated to bringing people together in the community. Our mission is to inspire uplifting experiences for all, we strive to create and share opportunities to grow and foster connection.


People experience sadness, moments of isolation, and depression daily and some don’t even recognize it. Isolation and loneliness are central causes of depression and despair, 1 in 2 people feel alone and need connection. Our purpose is to bring joy to individuals through the community to heal and inspire positivity in the daily lives of people. We offer opportunities to gather, collaborate and connect in kind.


We are so excited to welcome you to the Parlour Project! We strive to create connections with family, friends and neighbours. An early origin of parlour is derived from the french language and simply means “to speak”. We believe that as we travel together in this busy world , for many, social media is dominating our input and often our output as well.

Communication now, more than ever, is a skill that requires practice to positively serve as an integral part of our well-being. Sharing our vision of the Parlour Project with you as a place of gathering, creating connection and collaboration is only the beginning. By joining together to unite a sense of community and extending our ideas and support to one another, we know that the Parlour Project will grow and ultimately be shaped by each and every visitor starting with YOU!